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Anhui Guotou New Power Lixin board set power plant

Products used: Porous sound-absorbing panels

Unit for use: Anhui Guotou New Power Lixin board set power plant

Use of items: noise reduction of the generator set

Use area: 25560 square meters

Supply units: Jiangsu Xinrunyang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Delivery time: 2016.9


Anhui National Investment New Power Lixin board set a total investment of 6.562 billion yuan power plant, the provincial "second Five Year Plan" key projects. The project will build 2 sets of 1 million kilowatts ultra-supercritical coal-fired generating units and adopt the secondary circulating water cooling method. Engineering to 500 kV voltage level access system. A large number of new technologies and new processes are used in the power plant, and the design coal consumption of the unit is 273 g / kWh, which is lower than 9 g / kWh for the 1 million-unit new unit approved by the state. Environmental protection is the leading domestic level.


Break a number of new records:

1. The country's lowest million units cost

2 the country's highest steam parameters

3. The country's shortest construction cycle

4 million new units nationwide covers a minimum area

5. The country's first million units put into operation continuously run 148 days, breaking the domestic one million units 168 commissioning non-stop operation record

6. For the first time in the country, a classification economizer is adopted to realize denitrification of the unit at full load

7. The country's largest tubular coal conveyor pipe diameter

8. Unit discharge of pollutants below the discharge standards, the leading domestic

9. Anhui first synchronous wet dust building to achieve ultra-low power plants

10. Anhui's first plant to achieve modular noise management of the plant

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