Metal corrugated board for Hengli Group, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Metal corrugated board for Hengli Group

Products used: metal (curtain wall) corrugated board

Unit for use: Hengli Group

Project: Production workshop exterior maintenance system

Use area: 35000 square meters

Supply units: Jiangsu Xinrunyang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Delivery time: 2014.9


Founded on May 18, 1994, Hengli Group is an international enterprise focusing on diversified development of thermoelectric, mechanical, financial and hotel sectors based on the four major sectors of petrochemicals, new polyester materials, real estate and weaving. The Group now owns one of the largest PTA factories in the world in terms of monomer capacity. It is one of the world's largest super-bright filament and industrial filament production bases, one of the largest weaving enterprises in the world with more than 60,000 employees and a national "Enterprise Technology Center" , The competitiveness of enterprises and product brand value are listed in the forefront of the international industry.

[1] July 2017 Rank 268 for Fortune 500 in the world

[2] In August 2017, the All-China Federation of Industry released the list of "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2017" with Hengli Group ranked 10th

[3] Chairman Wang Liping Changzhou new richest man, topped 2015 Hurun "Global Rich List"

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