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PVC Sandwich Panels

Standard width : 950mm, 1150mm (special width can be customized)

Length : ≤11800mm

Panel thickness : 0.5 mm -1.0 mm

Panel material : PVC board

Bilateral keel thickness : 0.4 mm -1.2 mm

Core Material Thickness : 50mm, 75mm (special thickness can be customized)

Connection : Tau mouth type

Weight : 22.8kg / ㎡(double-sided 0.5mmPVC, 50 mm thickness 8 kg / m³ EPS core material, for example)

Combustion performance : A level

Installation : Screw exposed​

PVC Sandwich Panels introduction

PVC Sandwich Panels

PVC sandwich panel is the use of PVC material reel, join the hollow glass magnesium board, then add the green glue through the composite curing equipment sandwich plate. 

PVC Sandwich Panels

PVC sheet has excellent corrosion resistance and insulation. 

Particularly suitable for use in corrosive environment, a good solution to the corrosion of steel in the use of the environment prone to rust problem. 

Moreover, the core material of the plate is flexible to be used, and different core layers of rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, paper honeycomb can be arbitrarily replaced to meet different parameter requirements and requirements.

PVC Sandwich Panels advantages

Light weight, moisture-proof, beautiful, not easily corroded.

Applicable fields

Indoor ceiling, wall, outdoor wall and so on.

Product Name: PVC sandwich panel
Plate Type DiagramParameter Description

Standard width: 950mm, 1150mm (special width can be customized)

Length: ≤11800mm

Sheet material: PVC board

Plate thickness: 0.5mm-1.0mm

Bilateral keel thickness: 0.4mm-1.2mm

Core material: Glass magnesium board (can change core material according to requirement)

Core material thickness: 50mm, 75mm (special thickness can be customized)

Connection: Tau mouth type

Weight (for reference): 22.8kg / m2 (double-sided 0.5mmPVC, 50mm thickness glass magnesium board core material, for example)

Combustion performance: A level

Installation: nail exposed

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