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Jiangsu Xin Run Yang energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. autumn tour

Jiangsu Xin Run Yang energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. autumn tour

Jiangsu Xin Run Yang energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. Company welfare is coming. 

Group travel take leave without delay  !

Employees and family members of Xin Run Yang, Jiangsu

The tour has come to a successful conclusion.  


 In October, when the autumn is high and the scent of Sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant, Xinrunyang, Jiangsu Province, organized a two-day tour of Maoshan Scenic Spot (Oriental Salt Lake City, Maoshan Scenic Spot, New Fourth Army Revolution Memorial Hall, etc.) to thank all the staff for their hard work, enrich their cultural life and strengthen the cohesion of the company team. Through this activity, not only reflects the company's concern for employees, but also to enhance the staff's feelings and communication between colleagues and colleagues, strengthen the spirit of teamwork! Following the small editor to experience the natural scenery of Maoshan, the brilliant Taoist culture and everyone's joy.

Eastern Salt Lake City -- the first day's itinerary

Oriental Salt Lake City (Phase I) Dao world Scenic Area is located at the foot of Maoshan Mountain in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Around the six resources advantages of Maoshan Mountain, Taoist culture and Jintan geo-culture, the creative tourism products of "one view of eight courtyards, ten bedrooms, twenty pavilions and one thousand rooms" are created. 


Entrance of scenic spot – Dao World


Morning bell and evening drum -- reminders

       More than 20 themed cultural exhibition halls in the world scenic spot of Dongfang Salt Lake City Road have formed the largest Experiential Tourism Cultural Museum group in China through innovative deduction of "combining education with pleasure". They have perfectly integrated Chinese arts and crafts, cultural inheritance, natural ecology and scientific and technological experience, and created a collection of "religious culture exhibition" and "Jiangnan magic". Shanzhen and Creative Interactive Experience are the holy resorts of the new generation of landscape culture tourism in China, creating a journey of "Lijiang in the south of the Yangtze River" and different Chinese Taoist cultures.


China Dao Culture Museum


Rise to Kimcheon (Temple of all trades)


Corner of scenic spot


Quiet night in old streets


Check Inn Hotel nightscape

The Dao of the world is the same.

White Cloud Temple looks at Baiyun, and Baiyang mountain follows red dust.

Cui Wei remote to the three Ching Tai, scattered into peach blossom forest.

All things are natural and harmonious.

Maoshan scenic spot - the second day's journey     

"The immortal government of Qin and Han Dynasties, the Prime Minister of Liang and Tang Dynasties".Maoshan is located in Jurong City, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. It is the first blessed place in the 72 blessed places of Taoism in China, and the eighth in the ten holes. There are nine peaks, twenty-six holes and nineteen springs. The main scenic spots in the scenic area are the Nine-Xiaowanfu Palace (top palace), Maoshan Road Court, Huayang Cave, Celestial Cave, Baguatai, etc. 


supernatant Zong Tan-- Maoshan


Group photo taken at the entrance of Maoshan scenic spot


Group photo with Laozi statue of Maoshan


Group photo of Wanshou Tai

      The world wonders of "setting off firecrackers before the monument, listening to bugle under the monument"! If I hadn't experienced it personally, I wouldn't have believed it. The inscription of the Monument to the Victory of the Resistance in Southern Jiangsu was inscribed by the former Minister of National Defense, General Zhang Aiping, and a sculpture of Chen Yi and Su Yu was found in the square just below the monument. 


The monument of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan and the statue of Chen Yi and Su Yu of South of Jiangsu


Maoshan New Fourth Army memorial hall


Guns used by the New Fourth Army


 Hotel Restaurant Maoshan


The closing remarks     

Happy times are always short, and two days'journey is unconsciously over in our laughter and laughter. We left Maoshan in a reluctant mood and returned to the friendly Wuxi. Through the collective tourism activities, not only enhance the feelings between colleagues, but also let everyone hear a lot of interesting things, harvested knowledge; at the same time, I believe that we relax the body and mind, cultivate sentiment, will be more full of enthusiasm into the work, for the company's sustained and rapid development of their own strength, work together for the public Create a better tomorrow!


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