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The advantages of rockwool sandwich panels

Rockwool sandwich panels is basalt as the main raw material, after high temperature melting, high speed centrifugal equipment made of inorganic fibers, while evenly adding a certain percentage of baking adhesive into the board, according to the production needs to cut into rock wool, rock wool Non-burning body, good fire performance. One of its greatest strengths is the function of fire prevention, rock wool board which is used non-flammable materials, can fully meet the modern needs for fire prevention, from this point it will also be able to maximize the safety of people Performance.

Furthermore rockwool sandwich panels also has beautiful features, many people have seen rock wool board people should know that rock wool board can be processed for several colors can be selected, you can meet the needs of different architectural styles, you can Better improve the grade of these buildings.

Of course, the most important thing is rockwool sandwich panels also has a good thermal insulation function, thermal insulation is good: sound insulation sound effect is remarkable, can play a very good insulation effect. And in the insulation at the same time life is quite long, under normal circumstances, a rockwool sandwich panels can even be used for more than 35 years, which is very important for the construction industry, rockwool sandwich panels in the construction industry has been widely

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